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Taking on rejection is more than reframing. It’s an active inner reflection, active curiosity, and compassionate living. You can learn how to get the best things out of life by taking on rejection through learning and practicing the skills shared here and in many other free and paid resources. The most important thing is that you get the help you need; no matter what. If something is out of your reach, contact Clint and he will do whatever he can to help you.

Rejection Research

Many social and behavioral scientists have taken on the mammoth task of researching rejection. Clint leans into his academic background, a Master’s Degree from Arizona State University in Social Technologies, and dives into the academic literature. He shares the knowledge in easy to understand, applicable, and accessible resources, such as this blog, books, podcasts, and short videos. People on this site learn more about the quantifiable and qualitative research on rejection and get to know themselves more. This self-knowledge opens up the door for people to begin to get more out of life with rejection.

Reframing Rejection

Taking on rejection is more than reframing. But reframing rejection is an important element. Academic research shows that people who have a healthy frame of mind regarding stress can thrive. Others with an unhealthy frame of mind around stress experience negative outcomes that can be detrimental to their health. The same is possible for rejection. People who have a healthy frame of mind towards rejection can get the best out of life with rejection.

Advanced Rejection Methods™

In every situation in life, rejection plays either an active or a passive role. In short, rejection is a part of everything we do or don’t do. Advanced Rejection Methods™ breaks down how to get to know the automatic reactions to rejection, how to create a space between rejection and automatic reactions, and how to intentionally respond to rejection to get the best outcome possible. Learning and applying knowledge will lead to a more fulfilling life. A person can take a bad relationship with rejection and evolve it into a relationship with benefits.

Professional Consulting

People can take the knowledge and methods found on this site and completely transform their lives for the better. That is the goal. For others, they would like to maximize their outcomes. Professional consulting with Clint is available for people who want to get the best out of rejection in any scenario. Life is a yin/yang of rejection and acceptance. Working with Clint can be as short or as long as wanted. People who participate in professional consulting discover seaming hidden powers within to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Digital Media

Digital media opens the door to discover knowledge shared by Clint. Digital media platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Vimeo. All the resources include free content. Donations are appreciated. Sharing the content with others who can benefit from the knowledge is the most valuable thing you can do. Thank you for sharing, for caring, and for striving to improve your world and the world around you.